A+G Agnietė and Greta


BE COMPANY’s main project and very well-known creation in Lithuania is a duo and fictional characters called B&B. The characters were born in the summer of 2015 in Cork, Ireland, during the BLANK CANVAS residency which after some time helped to inspire the contemporary dance performance “B&B Dialogue”. Eventually, these characters matured and established themselves as a completely independent unit (not always relying on its creators A. Lisickinaite and G. Grineviciute).

Currently, the dance duo travels the world and tries to convey the environment around them in as many different ways as possible: from political issues to consumerism dilemmas. Characters become mirrors of society and their interpretations become reflections. This process is often reminiscent of self-reflexive journalism which examines the observer’s relationship with oneself. The characters, B and B, can be recognized for their captivating style, however, all the actions, embodiments and personifications are an actual depiction of the today’s world around them.

Dance Performance “Banana Dream”

“When describing yourself, it’s easier to say what you’re not, how you’re not doing, what you’re not dreaming about.”

Lithuanians like to struggle; this is exceptionally true when trying to find out one’s identity. The characters, B&B, seeing a long pointless effort, are making a connection to study identity from another – less explored – angle.

Let’s think outside the box: what am I not? I am special, so am I not Instagram or Facebook? Am I neither a minority nor a majority? Am I proud of myself? Do I try not to please anyone?

B asks and B answers. What are we doing here? We look in the mirror but the image is obscured by the surrounding opinions, values ​​and beliefs. Am I making myself independent from any distractions? Everything belongs to someone, even our dreams, aspirations, desires – they are all the same mirror. Yet it turns out that we only become something more when we belong to the circle of popular influencers… That is not the question. Can I be myself and imitate nothing? Every identity imitates something. Can I not have an identity? Yes. So why search for it so much? It is when we identify with someone, we start to like someone for their outer form but not their inner-self. Banana Dream is a clash of two worlds. One is dominated by black, the other by yellow. At first glance, the worlds have the same form and identical movement. Human creation has gone too far to allow completely identical phenomena to exist. Therefore, small differences suggest something more peculiar than you expected from your usual world.

Idea and choreography: Agnietė Lisičkinaitė and Greta Grinevičiūtė
Performance: Agnietė Lisičkinaitė, Greta Grinevičiūtė, Emilija Karosaitė, Ugnė Laurinavičiūtė
Set design: Renata Valčik
Visuals: Julius Kuršis
Premiere: 19 December 2018, Arts Printing House, Vilnius (Lithuania)

Trailer: here

Dance performance “B and B Dialogue”

“Tough times always reveal true friends. B and B invites you to meet them at happy times.”

When Agniete and Greta came up with the idea to create a new dance performance, they invited two girls – B and B. Why? What for? “It is for a research”, say the choreographers. Haven’t B and B started to occupy significantly more space in this piece? Is it fair to use such innocent beings? What exactly are B and B?

…And here B&B comes to the theatre…

On 23 September 2016, the dance performance “Dialogue B and B” was presented to the audience of the Firkin Crane Dance House in Cork (Ireland). The idea for the performance was born in this city during the Blank Canvas dance residency, after which the creators decided to further develop the journey of the two fictional characters and transfer the idea to the theatre stage.

Idea, choreography and performance: Agnietė Lisičkinaitė and Greta Grinevičiūtė
Dramaturgy: Sigita Ivaškaitė
Costumes: Laura Darbutaitė
Visuals: Povilas Laurinaitis

Premiere: 27 November 2016, Arts Printing House, Vilnius (Lithuania)

In 2017, the performance was nominated for the Lithuanian Golden Cross of the Stage award as the best dance performance of the year.

Trailer: here

Dance Performance “BATHROOM”

“Perhaps the union of objectophilia, procrastination and mermaids seems like an epic failure. The bathroom is the ideal place for such a mistake.”

The bathroom is a personal space that is often attributed to a woman as a safe, intimate space in which she can be herself. Being in the bathroom equals confrontation with your self-esteem. In horror films, getting caught in the bath equals maximum stress.

The mermaid is a mythical aquatic creature found in the folklore of many nations of the world. Mermaids are usually the ghosts of drowned young ladies. In ancient times, it was believed that girls drowned due to unrequited love, thus they were turned into mermaids by the gods in order to take revenge on young men as well guard rivers and lakes.

Objectophilia is a form of sexual or romantic attraction focused on certain inanimate objects. Individuals who experience this attraction may feel a strong sense of love and devotion to certain objects or structures that attract them. For some, sexual or close emotional relationships with people are incomprehensible. Some individuals who have a sexual desire for an object often believe in animism and feel a reciprocal connection based on the belief that things have a soul, an intellect, and feelings, and the ability to communicate.

Procrastination is the behaviour of a person postponing work and engaging in unnecessary activities. This phenomenon is unique to everyone, so often procrastination becomes simply a human trait. The well-known and old saying “Dragging one’s heels” only confirms that our ancestors were inclined to postpone work even with no smart technology excuses… Yet being in the middle of procrastination is more painful than doing the work itself.

Idea, choreography, performance: Greta Grinevičiūtė, Sigita Juraškaitė, Agnietė Lisičkinaitė
Dramaturgy: Sigita Ivaškaitė
Scenography: Vladas Suncovas
Costumes: Morta Nakaitė
Composer: Gailė Griciūtė
Visuals: Julius Kuršys
Broadcasting Operator: Odeta
Management: Domantė Tirylytė

Premiere: 27 January, 2021

Dance Performance “I’m Going to Buy Some Milk”

“If the district of Seskine had its own fairy-tale, it would be very close to reality.”

“I’m Going to Buy Some Milk” – a site-specific dance performance (outdoors), a phantasmagoric tale about the Seskine’s district in Vilnius.

One of the least popular Lithunian districts is Seskine. Concrete, grandmother selling potatoes, red brick-based central square… Here, unrecognisable faces are accompanied by suspicious glances. It can look like nothing new will ever emerge when going to buy milk through your usual path until one day the creative team brings to life some fabulous creatures to roam around in this bedroom community. Now the routine here will never be the same again.

Idea, choreography, organisation: Agnietė Lisičkinaitė and Greta Grinevičiūtė
Creative team: Sigita Ivaškaitė, Giedrė Jankauskienė, Paulius Markevičius, Mantas Stabačinskas, Sigita Juraškaitė, Vladas Suncovas and the entire Seskine district.
Premiere: Summer 2021

“I slave” – Contemporary Love Story

“Do you have to become a slave to truly value freedom and love?”

“And I slave and I slave and I slave and for what?”
In sterile space, the two bodies tell an (un)happy love story in choreographically changing forms to which we cannot remain indifferent, and recognisable situations are ridiculed to tears. The dance project raises the question: does love exist only as we know it?

Creative Team: Agnietė Lisičkinaitė & Greta Grinevičiūtė
Premiere: 2021

Short Dance Performance “One Body Story”

“The 35th contemporary story of another swan.”

Ballerina Goda, who has been dancing at the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theater for 30 years, has never had the opportunity to be a solo dancer. She had only been the 35th swan from the right.

Creators Agniete and Greta have taken one body’s story specially directed for Goda, who has been dancing for the last season in the theatre. Here she is the only soloist to tell the story of her special body.

The art of ballet, contemporary dance and video is intertwined in the work, not only the body of the dancer is experienced here but also HER voice is heard.

Ideas authors and choreographers: Agniete Lisickinaite and Greta Grineviciute
Performer: Goda Bernotaite
Producer: National Opera and Ballet Theatre (Creative Impulse)
Premiere: 2017