Solo A

“I started expressing myself through body movement when I was six. Since then this expression has been the one that stuck with me the most.”

“A provocative, questioning, thought-provoking, socially and politically engaged dance medium is a means for me to create a dialogue with the audience. Dance can be a tool for social activity. I believe that a work of art can lead to social change and still remain an art that does not define itself within the boundaries of artistic institutions.”

Agniete Lisickinaite is an independent contemporary dance artist, choreographer and teacher. Since 2016, she has been a member of the Contemporary Dance Association, and the chairwoman of this organization from 2020. She is well-known as a dancer from the dance theatre AIROS and Vilnius City Dance Theatre LOW AIR. In 2019, together with her colleague Greta Grineviciute, founded the organization BE COMPANY.

Agniete Lisickinaite is also a teacher who gives lectures at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre to students of contemporary dance, and leads regular lessons for professional dancers organised by the Contemporary Dance Association.

“Agniete is very suitable for the solo genre, so far more often seen as a member of B&B, the choreographer-dancer gets rid of the lightness and playfulness which were the core of this duo, and falls into the body as a viscous, ambiguous, politicized place awakened by the idea of protest and risk.” – Dovile Zavedskaite

Dance Performance “HANDS UP”

“What kind of Protest Baby will we raise? Will it be a symbol of freedom or aggression? We have less and less time to choose.”

HANDS UP is a physical body position reflected in many different cultural, social and religious contexts. The chosen topic is a protest culture. “The embodied protest” is the result of an artistic research. In Lithuania, protests are identified with the strongly romanticized era of the Reform Movement but in the context of recent world events, from a sociological perspective, it is worth questioning the notion of protest culture as a virtue in itself. Non-constructive protest is a convenient form for anarchy to take root. A dance performance inspired by the protest culture examines the fragile distance between surrender and devotion, reconciliation and resistance. Raising such questions as: what kind of Protest Baby will we raise? Will it be a symbol of freedom or aggression? This is a research in which only one truth and one answer do not exist here.

“Hello, I’m Agniete and I invite you all to raise your hands up.”

Creative Team:
Agniete Lisickinaitee, Bush Hartsorn, Morta Nakaite, Odeta Ryskute.
Premiere: Autumn 2021

Dance Performance “Z+”

“The lack of experience is not an obstacle for Gen Z. These people know how to live in the future.”

The reality of the third millennium + the variety of communicative opportunities on the Internet + the non-stop flow of information – this is how unique Generation Z emerges:
– they do not like strict rules and restrictions;
– they cannot imagine life without smart technology;
– they are interested in innovations – they can see the advantages of virtual reality which makes you feel that reality is much more interesting and livelier. >> the adult Generation Z are educated innovative thinkers – ready to improve the world.

For this to happen we need to embrace each other + build dialogue + build strong interdependent relationships. Where are we now? – Let’s dance.

Author and choreographer: Agniete Lisickinaite
Performers: Sigita Juraskaite, Greta Grineviciute, Airida Gudaite
Composer and performer: GON (Sigismund Gudelis)
Lights: Julius Kursis
Set Designer: Guoda Jaruseviciute
Costume Designer: Ruta Kyguolyte
Producer: Dance Theatre AIROS

Dance Performance “Popular Problems”

“Popularity does not guarantee solutions but it ensures dialogue. Let’s continue.”

“The performance was born from two feelings of selfishness and solidarity. I was faced with personal questions to which I could not find the answers. Looking at other women, I realized that these problems do not just lie within me. And out of solidarity with all women, I decided to create Popular Problems”, says Agniete, the leader of this production.

The stage work has no history. It is composed as an exposition of physical actions, giving the viewer the opportunity to observe closely and intimately what remains at the centre of attention in the discourse on woman’s freedom and her choices. It is the objectification of a woman and a woman’s body. The young creators, as befits for Generation Y, superficially flirt with feminist ideas, indulge in a gruelling 40-minute stage performance to create a ritual of reflection on their identity. And what could be more interesting than watching a new generation of rituals?

Choreography, performance: Sigita Juraskaitė, Agniete Lisickinaite
Artistic consultations: Andrius Katinas
Dramaturgy: Monika Jasinskaite
Lights: Povilas Laurinaitis
Costumes: Laura Darbutaite
Premiere: 2014