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“As a young artist, I find no place for myself: I am interested in interdisciplinary projects, art unions, yet I feel as if I should always choose one category to which I must belong, even though the work opposes it.

I believe that the art brings certain forms of fulfilment – and it does not matter at all whether you are a choreographer, director or an artist – it can speak in the most unexpected ways as long as there’s freedom to speak.”

Since 2016 Greta Grineviciute has been a member of the Contemporary Dance Association in Lithuania. She is not only well-known as a representative of contemporary dance, actively creating contemporary dance productions, performing in dance theatre AIROS, Vytis Jankauskas Dance Theatre and different independent projects but also known as an interdisciplinary artist collaborating with creators of various fields. Greta Grineviciute is also one of the creators for the Vilnius City Theatre Art and Science Laboratory.

In 2018, Greta was awarded for the most memorable creative work of the year by the Contemporary Dance Association.

“And here it should be stated that Grineviciute amazes us. There are not so many who can perform, dance and sing, or at least people successfully doing it so, on the Lithuanian stage.” – Monika Jasinskaite

Dance Performance “here/there”

“A journey by a rubbish raft across an ocean of contrasts.”

Beginning with the topic of rubbish and ecology, the exploratory dance film and installation project “here/there” by Greta Grineviciute tells the story of a person’s inner journey. By referencing the accumulation of waste, the choreographer gave it a second life (recycled it). Firstly, she reproduced the props for scenography, and secondly, she introduced the concept of memory waste in her research. By “rubbish” we often describe not only things that are no longer consumed but we also mean intimidating people, thoughts, memories. Paradoxically, rubbish is something so unnecessary, unwanted, yet it travels with us everywhere even after our death. We forget that the entire history of mankind and its traces were formed and preserved in different parts of the earth precisely through migration and travel. The “here/there” project tells about its personal journey: the accumulated, sorted, discarded waste which perhaps never will remain as it is, and its attempt to find itself among all the waste there is.

Creative Team: Greta Grineviciute, Simona Kacinskaite, Elena Kairyte, Sigita Ivaskaitė, Ruta Adele  Jakentaite, Vytautas Plukas,  Milda Januseviciute
Premiere: 2022

Dance Performance “Dance for the Object and Child”

“Leaning against the wall of openness, we often resort to foreign clichés. Let’s experience this together, and perhaps we will have the courage not to judge.”

Four phantasmagoric performers on stage surrounded by spectators. Another participant of the performance navigates between them during the whole event. Five established dogmas about motherhood, children, and family foundation are raised and questioned in public. The performance becomes a playground for music, text, movement and costumes, where the line between reality and fantasy, a person coming to watch and a performer to perform disappears.
What position will you take?

Creative Team: Greta Grineviciute, Agne Matuleviciute, Birute Kapustinskaite, Paulius Markevicius.
Premiere: 2021

Dance Performance “Dance for Washing Machine and Mother”

“There are kinship ties that need dance for them to exist.”

“I am dancing for washing machine and you because I do not remember our conversations. I do not even know if there were any. People say you loved me. And I do not remember your presence, your voice or your touches. I am only left with old photos. I look at them, I see your sad face, and I keep repeating that one memory. And I am starting to fear that what I remember, it was never certain. That is why I dance. I dance for you. We will never speak but perhaps we can dance together.”

This worn-out question “what is your first memory of your mother?” is simply unknown for some. In a world where mothers are either goddesses or monsters from hell, having no picture of your mother is unimaginable. How do you put this image together? Do you need it? How to live without a mother’s portrait?

Greta Grineviciute, the choreographer and dancer, who started this creative triptych with the performance “Dance for Washing Machine and Mother” presents the second input to the work about family relations. She is collaborating with the creator, performer and lecturer of contemporary dance, Andrius Katinas, who will appear in the video projections or voice calls recorded in Helsinki. The remote work online during the quarantine not only kept the idea of ​​the performance alive but also gave it a new form by repeating the relationship to her father.

Creative Team: Greta Grineviciute, Andrius Katinas, Sigita Ivaskaite, Kristina Steiblyte, Agne Matuleviciute
Producer: Vilnius City Theatre Art and Science Laboratory

Premiere: 14 November 2020

Dance Performance “Dance for Vacuum Cleaner and Father”

“Privacy, domesticity, relationships. Girl, woman, creator. The object, the subject, and the all-facing mirror. ”

Dancer and choreographer Greta Grineviciute in the performance “Dance for a Vacuum Cleaner and Father” invites to take a look at a woman’s private space in which life, relationships, and dance constantly interchange. A woman in the centre of the performance. Young, attractive, talented. She is both a girl and a creator of strange ideas, the implementer, and the boss herself, the sex symbol, and the sex object, and the subject… A woman, seeking ways to love and share, is still returning to where the well-known loneliness is intertwined. A creative woman trying not to succumb to pressure to invest in the overall image but to art. Here, in her space, tormented by internal contradictions, environmental expectations and a mismatch between personal passions in search of the fairest and most interesting ways to build her life.

Idea, choreography and performance: Greta Grinevičiūtė
Director: Paulius Markevičius
Dramaturgy: Kristina Steiblytė
Composer: Vladas Dieninis
Lights Artist: Julius Kuršis
Costume Artist: Rūta Kyguolytė
Video: Saulė Bliuvaitė
Operator: Vismantė Ruzgaitė
Video Artist: Jurgis Matulevičius

Premiere: March 2018

More information: here