Social and Educational Activities

“Responsibility not only for words but also for dance movements. We are here to spread admirable ideas.”

“We are from a country where some human rights issues are still limited due to the history of the Soviet regime. Two girls can only walk on the street with their hands together only at dusk. We are two heterosexual artists for whom human rights issues are particularly important and sensitive because we want our friends to kiss the way we do – passionately and without fear. That is why we feel obligated not only as representatives of a democratic society, artists but also as friends – to create non-political, opinion-changing and formative art.”

Since the beginning, the duo has been participating in various LGBTQ+ events: equality parades, equal rights concerts, discussions, and dissemination events in Lithuanian regions. Using contemporary dance as an expression, the artists seek dialogue between themselves, teenagers, seniors, between active and excluded members of society. They believe that social and educational activities are particularly important in order to form a confident, open, daring and empathetic society. The creators carry out social projects not only in Lithuania but also during artistic residencies abroad. Until now, the duo has resided in Ireland, the USA, Israel, and Latvia. In Lithuania, Agniete and Greta together with the organization “ARTOPIA” worked with teenagers with the aim to learn how to express one’s identity. Currently, the artists have finished implementing a social project with the seniors in the most impoverished district in Vilnius with the help of the British Council, thus reducing the gap between the generations and the national minorities.